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Aadhar Card Status: Here, We are discussing everything related to Aadhar card(e-aadhar) and it’s How to’s. From How to update your Aadhar card, Download your copy of Aadhar online, Making corrections, Applying for aadhar, get a small print of it.  If not registered, You can also find out your feasible centers where you can apply your Aadhar and get yourself registered and even book an appointment online..

What is Aadhar Card?

The Aadhar Card program was launched in 2009 with a sole purpose to give a single identity proof to every resident in India, and to effectively remove the fake identities in the government database, get rid of false and duplicate identities which has been ripping apart India. Aadhar Card provides a way of having a Biometric data in a centralized database. It ensures as the One-and-Viable way to identity, so that people don’t get themselves registered at different locations of the country!

The card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority(UIDAI) on behalf of the Government of India. An Aadhar Card consist of a 12 digit number which is unique for every Indian resident.

NOTE:  The Aadhar Card can be available to a person even if he/she has no documents. Enrollment for the Aadhar Card is done at free of cost but only once.

Now, Aadhar Card is an ID for every government related services without any kind of 100 other security certificates. 

By the end of Feb 2015, 78.65 (786.5 million) Aadhar Card numbers have been generated and an amount of 5630 crore spent.

Benefits of Aadhar Card:

1: Direct Benefit Transfer: Under Direct Benefit Transfer the customers will buy LPG at full price, and the subsidy would be credited directly in their Aadhar Card linked bank accounts. Though after the shortcomings of the scheme, the Supreme Court put a halt on it.

2: Passport in 10 Days: Yes! In just 10 days you can have your passport if you have an Aadhar Card. Earlier, police verification was required before the passport was made which used to be tedious and very time consuming. By the new government rule, you can easily get your passport and police verification will be done later on.

3: Digital Locker: Another system launched by Government of India for the convenience of every Aadhar Card holder. Now all your legal documents can be stored on this government’s server. All you need is your 12 digit Aadhar Card number(EID/UID) to sign in to the digital locker.

4: Monthly Pension: To reduce frauds and provide pensioners on time their monthly pension; they now have to register their Aadhar card number in their departments to gain their pension without any corruption.

5: Serve as an address proof: You can easily open bank accounts using Aadhar Card. Even in places where you have to submit lots of documents for address proof, etc. You can now just submit a single copy of Aadhar Card and it will be considered valid.

How to get your Aadhaar ready?

Before that, let’s see what are the eligibility criteria to get an Aadhar Card issued for you:

– You can be a resident of India or a Non Resident Indian or from any any foreign country residing in India. If you are falling in any of the above mentioned categories you are eligible to get the aadhar card.

Be of any Age/ Gender / Religion/ Caste /Child: No Discrimination! Each and everyone can have an Aadhar Card. Unless if the age of the child is less than three. In that case Aadhar Card will be linked to his/her parents or guardian. They will also doesn’t have to give any biometric information. Once the child is about 5 years he/she needs to give their biometric information. At the age of 15, there has to be again biometric of the person. This is necessary as with age, biometric changes. So biometric will be different when he/she is a child, then they are an adult.

Steps to get your Aadhaar:

Now here are the easy steps you can follow to apply for the Aadhaar Card:

How to apply for Aadhar Card?

The enrollment for Aadhar Card can be done by following an easy process. Visit the official site of UIDAI, and you will get an appointment form. Fill in the necessary details like: Name, Email-id and Phone Number. Remember to check once again so that there are no chances of any mistakes. Also the phone number will be required for further process like checking status or for making any changes, etc. So, Ensure you enter an active number. After filling the detail’s choose an enrollment center as well as the date and time for the appointment. It is necessary to visit the Aadhar Card enrollment center even if you fill the form online.

Read the full steps about applying for Aadhar >here.

Note: Things to be taken care while visiting Aadhar card enrollment center?

Carry all  the required documents with you when you go to the enrollment center. Also, Have a Xerox copy of all the original documents. This will avoid any hassle you might face up there. At the time of appointment you will need an identifying proof and address proof for verification purpose.

For identification and address proof you can provide  any of the documents listed on the website of UIDAI. For identifying verification you have 18 options.

To check the full list of documents needed to get aadhar, click >here.

For address verification you have 33 options. Along with a photograph, fingerprint and iris scan will be taken as it’s mandatory for everyone. After the process, recheck all the entries to make sure they are all correct.

How to update Aadhar Card online?

Visit the link– and click on ‘Update Aadhar Card‘ button. Now you have to enter Aadhar Number and the security code to get a one time password. You will receive the one time password on your mobile number. Choose the details you want to update and click on ‘modify’ button. Attach soft copy for verification and support your new update request. A Uniform Request Number(URN) will be generated on screen. You can use the URN and Aadhar Number to check the progress.

To read about the full steps to follow, click >here.

How to download Aadhar Card Online?

Visit the official website–  Choose ‘I have Aadhar’ displayed at the top of the form. Enter your Aadhar Number, Name and Pin Code. After filling the security code you will receive a one time password. Fill the one time password and click on ‘Validate and Download’ button. Aadhar Card will be downloaded as a PDF. To access it you need to enter a password. The password is the pin code of your residential address.

Read the detailed instructions, step-wise >here.

How to update Aadhar Card offline?

Download the updation/correction form from UIDAI website: Fill in all the details in capital letters. The mobile number filled in the form should be an active number. Attach hard copies of the documents you want to be updated. All these copies should be self attested. Also mention the Aadhar Number issued to you by UIDAI. Put all the documents and form in an envelope. Mention “Aadhaar Update/Correction” on the envelope and send it to the regional office address of UIDAI.

Check the full details, here.

How to check status of the Aadhar Card by SMS?

A text message has to be sent in order to receive the latest status of the Aadhar Card as a reply. Enrollment number is required for this purpose. The number used should be the same by which you have registered at the time of enrollment. If Aadhar Number has been generated you will receive that as a reply. Otherwise the current status of Aadhar Card will be sent as an SMS.

Here is how you can check your Aadhar Card Status through SMS on your mobile number. Send an SMS to 51969 with the following text: “UID STATUS <14 digit enrollment number>”.

This service is free of cost, but mobile operators may charge standard SMS prices.

Check the full story, in steps >here.

How to verify your Aadhar Card by Aadhar Number?

Verification of Aadhar Card is a must. As some people have more than one Aadhar Card with different details. This verification is very important for UIDAI for segregation of original Aadhar Cards among the duplicate ones.

The verification process can be done by visiting the verification link

Now enter your aadhar number in the box. Also enter the security code in the field. The security code will be the captcha image displayed at the top of the box. Click on the verify button to successfully finish the verification process. Now your Aadhar Card is confirmed by the UIDAI.

Check the full story about this >here.

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