Check Uidai e-Aadhaar Card Status Online|Download aadhaar

Check Uidai e-Aadhaar Card Status Online|Download aadhaar

All About Your Aadhar Card : Aadhar is a 12 digit but – one of a kind recognizable proof (usually proclaimed as : unique identification number) issued by the Indian Government to each individuals who are resident of India.

Aadhar Card Status

Unique Identification Authority Of India (UDAI) which functions under the planning commission of India is responsible for managing Aadhar numbers and Aadhar Identification cards. The Aadhaar venture was started as an endeavor towards having a single, unique ID report or number that would catch all the details, including demographic and biometric information, of each inhabitant India. Currently there are plenty of character archives (Identity Proof) in India including passports, PANs, driving licenses and ration cards. The Aadhar card will not replace these identification documents but can be used as the sole identification proof when applying for other things.

It will also serve the basis for KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER(KYC) norms used by banks,financial institutions and other businesses that maintain customer profiles.



A resident of India (from the age 1) is eligible to apply for the Aadhaar number and card by submitting the existing proof of identity(passport,PAN card,driving license,etc)and proof of address(phone/power bill,bank statements etc.)and by going biometric profiling(fingerprints and iris scan)at any Aadhar center.
The Unique Identification Authority Of India(UIDAI) has been given the responsibility to implement the Aadhar system by the Government Of India.To apply for Aadhar card,the applicant has to fill up an application form which is available at the application center itself or it can be downloaded online.Along with the application form,people are supposed to bring 3 supporting documents each for identity,address and date of birth proof.Both original and Xerox copies are required to be brought to a nearby centres.An applicant can enroll without any supporting Aadhar card documents as long as his/her name exists in the family entitlement document.And for this the head of the family needs to enroll first with valid supporting Aadhar card documents.Kids can also apply for Aadhar card.As we know that upto age 5,child’s fingerprints and eyes’ iris keep developing and changing.Therefore no biometric data will be collected for kids below age 5.The document requirements for kids are similar to that of adult.


• UIDAI has set up multiple Aadhar card enrollment center across India for this purpose.Some of the centres are permanent and most of the centres are temporary ie they have a fix open and close date. Applicants are free to choose their location to apply for Aadhar card anywhere in India.Some of the centers in India are-
• Maharashtra
• New Delhi
• Bihar
• Daman and Diu
• Haryana
Infact at some selected centers online appointment facility is also available. This only helps in saving some waiting time at the center with prior appointment. One can also download Aadhar card form online and save some time at center.


• There at the center, applicant is called in and asked to submit the completed application form and supporting documents.
• The form is checked for completeness and cross verified against submitted documents for their correctness.
• After verification, the original documents are returned back immediately at the center itself. A photograph is taken using a web camera.
• Fingerprints of all 10 fingers are captured using an electronic Fingerprint capturing device.
• Photo of iris in eyes is taken using an electronic Iris capturing device.
• Finally an enrollment acknowledgement slip is printed and handed over to the applicant.


It takes about 30 to 90 days to process an Aadhar card application due to strict verification procedures and backlog. A sms is sent out to the applicant’s registered mobile phone after the successful processing. After receiving the SMS, duplicate copy of aadhar card can be downloaded online. And original copy would be delivered by post. Aadhaar number generation is an on-going process which is voluntary in nature.
VARIOUS SCEMES OF AADHAR CARD ;a step initiated by government of India.
Aadhar is a proof of identity. However,it doesnot confer any rights ,entitlements or privileges upon the Aadhar holders in terms of any benefits or welfare of citizenship.According to a scheme of Aadhar ,people living below the poverty line will get Rs100 each as they are allotted the Aadhar number. The Finance commission has made a grant of about Rs2980 crore for the incentive for getting registered in the Aadhar scheme for people who might forgo a day’s income to travel and get themselves enrolled. UIDAI is in talks with banks to make sure that the Rs 100 is directly credited to people’s bank accounts. This way people who are not financially included will also will also be allotted a bank account number. The whole Aadhar card issuing process is a revolutionary step taken by government for their citizens.And the applying process on the other hand is very simple.


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